About US

  • Genesis - Project Manager

    Genesis is responisble for all general project managing. "I am a web designer and I understand the important of projecting the right image, the image everyone of our client would want the world to see. Attention to every detail. as well as keeping the cost to minimum. We help businesses to grow."

  • Leon - Search Engine Optimisation Specialist

    Leon is responsible for our client whom have taken out a S.E.O. services. Leon make sure your web site appear on high up in places such as Google and Yahoo. "Unlike some of the SEO company, we don't ask the client what keyword they want to promote. This is our job, we work it out. It wouldn't be wise to promote a term that no one going to search for in a hundred years. We help client to target the right audience and increase sales."

  • Sunny - Gtaphic Designer

    Sunny is our grahic designer, providing the colour and the ink to make our site look live. "A picture worth a million words. A eye catching image will draw attention and impress your customers. We can even touch up your old photo and make it look professional. Many of our clients now use portfolios and galleries to showcase their previous work, we make sure every image is at is best before publishing them.

Our Commitment

We are committed to provide you with the best service and first class after sale support.

i-idea Web Design specialise in designing professional web sites for businesses. Whether you're looking for a simple five page website or a eCommerce store, we pride ourselves on offering our clients affordable, high quality web design that will perform for you and your business. With i-idea eCommerce, we put business ownership in reach for every one.